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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another day in my books. Rail Gardens, MN.

Rail Gardens. RP dropping in.
Also, Krister Ralles, Viktor Simco, Brandon Larson, and filmer Sam Fenton were out to enjoy the fun and sun today!

Brandon Larson!!

This was last stop of the day... A few cool things went down. Its getting cold tonight, crazy cold.
Trip to WI starts tomorrow, check in later for sweet updates.

A must see sequence below...
Click Play!

Krister Ralles was sending it today! This was just one of a few. I get worried about my friends sometimes... wow. Krister is fine, good enough to get a few more shots as the day went on, werd!

This is just one more sneak peek as to why you need to pick up yourself a copy of next falls Bald-e-gal movie!


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