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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pool and Snow.

Danimals break.

The pool tournament is getting intense! Danimals has been cleaning up, krister's been doing quite well, viktor taken a few games, and RP spits powerade in your face if you say something bad about his skills...

RP eyeing it up.

Danimals wall ride, krister looking on.

RP and siktor!


Sam shooting. Danimals half cab into wall ride.

Jump rope with the bungee! More entertainment than most can handle.
Today was such a funny day. RP spit Powerade in Krister's face at Granite Peaks, all for talking about Rp's pool skills... randomly hilarious! It was just one of those days with thing after thing happening. Sick crew of guys, super stoked to be shooting some more tomorrow. The photos are being stacked now!

Now for 'dood, where's my car' and sleep.

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