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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the scene: day 8. time to go home...

Zach Rawles Spot. Heavy drop.

Austin Julik-Heine stomping around.

Today was the last day for Z splif crew to be in town. They are now headed back to Home Sweet Home, Breck, CO. I hope for a safe drive for those guys! Its been an amazing week!

Thanks to Jim Langer for letting me come along and shoot. I can tell you that this years Role Model video will have some pretty epic shots in it from this last week. I'm sure that they are going to keep busy, if not hit handrails on the drive back. Safe travels guys!

It looks as if I'm going to get a few days to catch up on some work now. Sam Fenton will be back in town this weekend at which point my toes will be getting cold again. Excited about dedicating the rest of the season to Bald-e-gal Productions. Its hammer time.

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