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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zion Snowboards and Ryan Paul.

Zion Snowboards.

We’re all about getting back to the roots of snowboarding and having the best day ever – every day. We believe in community – Friends helping each other push their riding and helping out total strangers who are desperately in need of a hand. That’s why we started the POP Program (People of the Planet). We donate a portion of sales from our POP Products to charities that are taking on some of the world’s darkest social issues.Find out more about the POP Program.

The ZION POP (People Of the Planet) program is people driven and all about Social Justice. We have made it our mission to help out our fellow humans who have been dealt a bad hand. This is the part of ZION Snowboards that we call ’serious fun’. There are some hardcore issues happening in our world and we thought it would be rad to involve core snowboarders in making a difference. With the POP program we will be donating 10% of the sale of our participating products to charities that help make people’s lives better*. Cool thing is – you can do this while you’re doing your switch backside 10’s or Tindy’s!

Ryan Paul hit me up today asking me to give Zion a shout-out on the blog... I looked up Zion to find out that they do some pretty cool things on top of snowboarding. The POP program sounds pretty neat and I hope that they are selling enough to make an impact. I'm backing any snowboarders trying to make more of a difference other than just sending it harder than the other guy. Stoked when people see more purpose to life!

Check them out for yourslef here!


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