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Saturday, January 22, 2011

River, Rail, Fire: WI.

Second day of shooting in WI. So far, coldest night of the year. This morning it was an insane
-30 degrees, warming up to a whole degree in the heat of the sun. Not sure what the temp was this evening but it was cold!
We were at a rail where we could get a pretty sick fire going down by the river tonight. Thanks to Krister for being a master piro and getting it blazing quick. It was pretty awesome to be able to warm the hands and toes at a spot! Chillin fireside can't be beat.

Flat Rail to drop landing. Damn in the other side of the fence. It was a neat spot for sure.

Fenton also used his lights to warm his hands because it was closer to the camera.
It was cold!

A new favorite. Viktor Simco tossing some fresh snow on the landing. Lights and snow = magic.

It was pretty rad to see the determination of my friends tonight. Cold couldn't stop the hammers. We had a fire outside, and a fire within. This is one of the most talented and motivated crews I've ever had the privilege of shooting with, no slowing down the momentum now. Check in for more later...

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