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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Granite Peak, Wausau, WI.

Day with the crew at Granite Peaks, Wausau, WI. I've only ever heard good things about this small town midwest resort. I found out first hand just how awesome it is today! Sam Fenton shot an edit, I shot a few photos, and we all had a pretty fun time snowboarding in 0 degree temps.

ohhh!! its Viktor Simco!


Charlie Fenton!

Sam Fenton, RP, and Charlie.

Hanging out in the cozy lodge warming up from the bitter cold.

Ryan Paul had a pretty good jump day. Front 720 melon.

Krister Ralles first shot handplant!

Were out battling the temps this week. With it dropping to -30 degrees tonight, and expected highs also in that range, it's going to be cold but worth it. Thanks to the homies for shredding hard today, and thanks to Granite Peak for letting us come and have a great time today!


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