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Monday, January 24, 2011

Last night in WI.

Last nights spot. Wall ride in the middle of Wisconsin.
Throwing snow to make it slide. Fire by the side. We've been sending it for the last week, so might as well kick it while were at the spots. Gotta be comfy and warm!

Fireside. Heating up snow for the runway and for the wall ride.
Way easier than filling bottles!

View from the outside. It was a strange sight walking up to this spot. Pitch black all around it, the light on the inside reflected so bright it looked like a huge party inside.

Sam Fenton, Badass!
Big 'ol fire! No cold toes last night!

Danimals figuring things out for himself.

Action.... Dan Liedahl. Better known as Danimals.

Shot check. Got it, pack it up, sit by the fire and go back to MN.

Thanks guys. Viktor Simco, Ryan Paul, Peter Limberg, Krister Ralles,
Myself, Sam Fenton, Danimals!

Awesome crew of guys to shoot and kick it with this week. We got lots of shots, had a ton of fun, so good.

Chilling at the fire after playing was done. 1817 for life!
Thats what's up.

I was shooting at the end of a super dark tunnel right? It was a sick view of the wall ride so I decided that was the best spot to post up. The wall ride area was super bright, like day out there, and as you walked to my spot in the tunnel it got darker and darker, till it was pitch black at the end. One time as I was walking back to my setup I thought to myself, what if someone was standing at the end of this tunnel... scary thought. I just shook off those shivers and back to shooting. Can't think that way.
We had another pause, everyone was sitting around the fire and I talked to everyone about the thought of some bum being in there and how scary it would be. We all talked about it for a sec, laughed about it for a minute then got back to shooting. As I was walking back Sam yelled to come check out his angle, see what I thought. Checked it, it looked sick! Everyone ran back into positions, bungee was getting pulled back and I was running to my spot in the tunnel.
As I got back to my camera I heard some metal knocking around behind me. I said to myself, no way! This is crazy! Suddenly this dude jumps out from behind a piece of sheet metal just yelling. I turned, screamed like it was my last stand because I thought I was going to be fighting for my life!
Sam and Krister win, they scared the crap out of me! I have never been that scared in my entire life. I think my hands were shaking for the next 15min and my heart was pounding so hard i could feel it through all fifteen layers . They got me good. I'm pretty sure it was Sam's idea... so watch your back fool.

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