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Saturday, January 29, 2011


These past few days at SIA are making me antsy to shoot. I need to get back to the home land!
Ping Pong haas been going well for me.. still haven't been beat off the table. It's good to know that skill goes with me.
SIA has been fun. My feet hurt from walking so much and I'm tired from staying up to late. I'm stoked to have met the people I have so far and can't wait to work with a bunch of them. Cool things happening.

Stay tuned for more photos coming in next week. It will be shooting time in MN again.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Trampled by Turtles.

So amped on this song! Listened to it a few times on the trip in WI. I'm now going to listen to it the whole time I play with photos...

enjoy Trampled by Turtles.


Last night in WI.

Last nights spot. Wall ride in the middle of Wisconsin.
Throwing snow to make it slide. Fire by the side. We've been sending it for the last week, so might as well kick it while were at the spots. Gotta be comfy and warm!

Fireside. Heating up snow for the runway and for the wall ride.
Way easier than filling bottles!

View from the outside. It was a strange sight walking up to this spot. Pitch black all around it, the light on the inside reflected so bright it looked like a huge party inside.

Sam Fenton, Badass!
Big 'ol fire! No cold toes last night!

Danimals figuring things out for himself.

Action.... Dan Liedahl. Better known as Danimals.

Shot check. Got it, pack it up, sit by the fire and go back to MN.

Thanks guys. Viktor Simco, Ryan Paul, Peter Limberg, Krister Ralles,
Myself, Sam Fenton, Danimals!

Awesome crew of guys to shoot and kick it with this week. We got lots of shots, had a ton of fun, so good.

Chilling at the fire after playing was done. 1817 for life!
Thats what's up.

I was shooting at the end of a super dark tunnel right? It was a sick view of the wall ride so I decided that was the best spot to post up. The wall ride area was super bright, like day out there, and as you walked to my spot in the tunnel it got darker and darker, till it was pitch black at the end. One time as I was walking back to my setup I thought to myself, what if someone was standing at the end of this tunnel... scary thought. I just shook off those shivers and back to shooting. Can't think that way.
We had another pause, everyone was sitting around the fire and I talked to everyone about the thought of some bum being in there and how scary it would be. We all talked about it for a sec, laughed about it for a minute then got back to shooting. As I was walking back Sam yelled to come check out his angle, see what I thought. Checked it, it looked sick! Everyone ran back into positions, bungee was getting pulled back and I was running to my spot in the tunnel.
As I got back to my camera I heard some metal knocking around behind me. I said to myself, no way! This is crazy! Suddenly this dude jumps out from behind a piece of sheet metal just yelling. I turned, screamed like it was my last stand because I thought I was going to be fighting for my life!
Sam and Krister win, they scared the crap out of me! I have never been that scared in my entire life. I think my hands were shaking for the next 15min and my heart was pounding so hard i could feel it through all fifteen layers . They got me good. I'm pretty sure it was Sam's idea... so watch your back fool.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kritter dive into concrete now!

Kritter dive into concrete!
You kinda have to say that using kritter's roids accent, makes it funny.

ahhh... had to share.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pool and Snow.

Danimals break.

The pool tournament is getting intense! Danimals has been cleaning up, krister's been doing quite well, viktor taken a few games, and RP spits powerade in your face if you say something bad about his skills...

RP eyeing it up.

Danimals wall ride, krister looking on.

RP and siktor!


Sam shooting. Danimals half cab into wall ride.

Jump rope with the bungee! More entertainment than most can handle.
Today was such a funny day. RP spit Powerade in Krister's face at Granite Peaks, all for talking about Rp's pool skills... randomly hilarious! It was just one of those days with thing after thing happening. Sick crew of guys, super stoked to be shooting some more tomorrow. The photos are being stacked now!

Now for 'dood, where's my car' and sleep.


River, Rail, Fire: WI.

Second day of shooting in WI. So far, coldest night of the year. This morning it was an insane
-30 degrees, warming up to a whole degree in the heat of the sun. Not sure what the temp was this evening but it was cold!
We were at a rail where we could get a pretty sick fire going down by the river tonight. Thanks to Krister for being a master piro and getting it blazing quick. It was pretty awesome to be able to warm the hands and toes at a spot! Chillin fireside can't be beat.

Flat Rail to drop landing. Damn in the other side of the fence. It was a neat spot for sure.

Fenton also used his lights to warm his hands because it was closer to the camera.
It was cold!

A new favorite. Viktor Simco tossing some fresh snow on the landing. Lights and snow = magic.

It was pretty rad to see the determination of my friends tonight. Cold couldn't stop the hammers. We had a fire outside, and a fire within. This is one of the most talented and motivated crews I've ever had the privilege of shooting with, no slowing down the momentum now. Check in for more later...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Granite Peak, Wausau, WI.

Day with the crew at Granite Peaks, Wausau, WI. I've only ever heard good things about this small town midwest resort. I found out first hand just how awesome it is today! Sam Fenton shot an edit, I shot a few photos, and we all had a pretty fun time snowboarding in 0 degree temps.

ohhh!! its Viktor Simco!


Charlie Fenton!

Sam Fenton, RP, and Charlie.

Hanging out in the cozy lodge warming up from the bitter cold.

Ryan Paul had a pretty good jump day. Front 720 melon.

Krister Ralles first shot handplant!

Were out battling the temps this week. With it dropping to -30 degrees tonight, and expected highs also in that range, it's going to be cold but worth it. Thanks to the homies for shredding hard today, and thanks to Granite Peak for letting us come and have a great time today!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another day in my books. Rail Gardens, MN.

Rail Gardens. RP dropping in.
Also, Krister Ralles, Viktor Simco, Brandon Larson, and filmer Sam Fenton were out to enjoy the fun and sun today!

Brandon Larson!!

This was last stop of the day... A few cool things went down. Its getting cold tonight, crazy cold.
Trip to WI starts tomorrow, check in later for sweet updates.

A must see sequence below...
Click Play!

Krister Ralles was sending it today! This was just one of a few. I get worried about my friends sometimes... wow. Krister is fine, good enough to get a few more shots as the day went on, werd!

This is just one more sneak peek as to why you need to pick up yourself a copy of next falls Bald-e-gal movie!


Monday, January 17, 2011

but, but, this is John Adams! You can't even skate here!

Ryan Paul: Nose press past the nobbers.
Sam Fenton: filmer extraordinaire!

Krister Ralles.
What? we can't skate here?
Super citizen came along and told us that he was going to call the super intendant! Cause we can't even skate here! We just left, no sense in arguing with the supers, or else they'll call the troopers!

Oooh, then this rail!
A few things went down.. You'll have to watch the Bald-e-gal film this fall to see.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Mike Casanova.
Taking a hard slam after the 15ft closeout.
Overshot the landing, not too much soft snow right there.
Bouncing back you your feet is the hard part.

Krister Ralles.
Nearly a broken arm.
Not even feeling the cold and the snow.

Austin Julik-Heine.
The photo tells it how it is.
Slamming into the icy ground.

Zach Rawles.
That's no small drop.
From up there... to down here...
Never quit, do it till you ride away.

Jared Jordan.
A 32 double wide stair set can take hours of trying the same trick to finally get it.
Frustration is a battle on top of the balance act.

Dylan Alito.
First time clicking into the binders for the day.
Gotta check the speed, get a feel for the bungee, make sure the runway is ok.
That's all before sending it off a closeout with a 15ft drop.

It doesn't always work out the way you plan.
Slamming into the ground, getting up, blood dripping down your face...
Pushing forward till you have your trick/tricks.

I give my friends props for the things they do.

I want to say thanks to Zee Spleef Crew and to Role Model Productions, for letting me come along and document/shoot their trip to MN. It was an epic eight days.

thanks for peepin in.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zion Snowboards and Ryan Paul.

Zion Snowboards.

We’re all about getting back to the roots of snowboarding and having the best day ever – every day. We believe in community – Friends helping each other push their riding and helping out total strangers who are desperately in need of a hand. That’s why we started the POP Program (People of the Planet). We donate a portion of sales from our POP Products to charities that are taking on some of the world’s darkest social issues.Find out more about the POP Program.

The ZION POP (People Of the Planet) program is people driven and all about Social Justice. We have made it our mission to help out our fellow humans who have been dealt a bad hand. This is the part of ZION Snowboards that we call ’serious fun’. There are some hardcore issues happening in our world and we thought it would be rad to involve core snowboarders in making a difference. With the POP program we will be donating 10% of the sale of our participating products to charities that help make people’s lives better*. Cool thing is – you can do this while you’re doing your switch backside 10’s or Tindy’s!

Ryan Paul hit me up today asking me to give Zion a shout-out on the blog... I looked up Zion to find out that they do some pretty cool things on top of snowboarding. The POP program sounds pretty neat and I hope that they are selling enough to make an impact. I'm backing any snowboarders trying to make more of a difference other than just sending it harder than the other guy. Stoked when people see more purpose to life!

Check them out for yourslef here!


Youth Shelter Supply Shop Vid.

Faust should wear a helmet.
Good work Youth Shelter! Way to always be killin it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the scene: day 8. time to go home...

Zach Rawles Spot. Heavy drop.

Austin Julik-Heine stomping around.

Today was the last day for Z splif crew to be in town. They are now headed back to Home Sweet Home, Breck, CO. I hope for a safe drive for those guys! Its been an amazing week!

Thanks to Jim Langer for letting me come along and shoot. I can tell you that this years Role Model video will have some pretty epic shots in it from this last week. I'm sure that they are going to keep busy, if not hit handrails on the drive back. Safe travels guys!

It looks as if I'm going to get a few days to catch up on some work now. Sam Fenton will be back in town this weekend at which point my toes will be getting cold again. Excited about dedicating the rest of the season to Bald-e-gal Productions. Its hammer time.

take care,


the scene: day 7.

Kristers Rail. Down Flat, transfer to Closeout.

Jared Jordan and Zach Rawles. Up Rail.
Had to do the good 'ol car tow in method for this one.

Dylan Alito and Mike Casanova.

You might want to check out the Role Model teaser to see why Dylan gets these high fives. I'll make sure to post it when it comes out...

Till then,