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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

to many good things?

Blake Burns^.

Another amazing day here in Laguna. Porter, Blake and I looked around for solid places to surf all morning and nothing looked very good. This afternoon it all cleaned up, some more size came in and it was very good.

Photos from one of the best spots in Laguna. Porter picking waves and slaying it.

Epic sunset! Wow. I was so amped to witness this one in person. It happens every single evening, yet it never ceases to amaze.

Last chances to get waves. Porter still always making the most out of them.

I'm stacking photos to send to sponsors and mags. Surf has been really good and I'm very excited to see where things go! Porter has been killing it, I've been shooting it, momentum is on our side. Thanks for peepin in on the blog! Lots more of this to come.

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