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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photo Dump.

Myself driving a pretty mint Volkswagen Bus through town... It isn't to often that I get to drive these pristine vehicles, so i really enjoy every second that I get a chance to! This one belongs to my friend Clause, I'd drive it any day for him.

Zack's new decorations on the bottom of his deck. Taking after Monuments 'I'm Still Alive!'
I'm always texting that to my mom or yelling it around town, so it's about time it was put on a surf board also. Might also be seeing it on the bottom of mine soon... thanks Monument!

I'm Still Alive!

Brandon Phillips and I had a pretty rad surf sesh at state park last night. We were both super hungry and over burritos, so we cruised to Trader Joe's, picked up some proper grub and started cooking.

mmmm... yummy pollo! Brandon figuring it out.

These were so good! cooked on the grill with the pollo... dood.

This is kinda what it looked like when we were all done. Pretty epic combo of food!

Fat plate of health and goodness. This plate lasted me a whole 6min! There wasn't a whole lot of talking at the dinner table last night.. other than the ooh's and aww's about how good it tasted. Cooking is fun! Eating is better!

Thanks for having me over Brando.

Title to a new blog? Yup. Porter, Sean Herman, and I are starting up a new blog featuring our art, music, and collection of thoughts. This blog will span happenings from the East, Midwest, and all the way to the the West Coast. SurfSoundsCollection will be happening soon...

...and Brandon and I might put stickers up all over.. possibly. Get your Etnies products here.

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