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Monday, April 25, 2011


Willy Hogan.

The beach was perfect today. Lighter crowds, practically no one. A few more surfers in the water, but a whole lot more waves. I did a surf lesson today with a whole bunch of people from Canada. They pretty much owned for two hours. I've never seen a whole group of people learn to surf so quick. I was using their waterproof camera before the lesson was even over. No jokes. Stoked for them!! The rest of my day was spent on the beach watching these beautiful waves come crashing in.

Enjoy some photos..

Porter Hogan and his little brother Willy had my attention for the first few hours.. I really enjoy watching these two surf. There is always plenty of action for me to stay alert.

Will^ Ports>

All Willy.

Peaky day.

the waves got a little bigger than willy today.. he still handled them quite well.

Air time with Porter.

Thick shore break.

Matt O'brien skimming Laguna.

A few of these rolled through today.. There was probably quite a few more.. but I at least got two of them. I'm not sure who this guy is, but its one of the best waves I've ever seen in Laguna Beach.

Jason Watto has the other best waves. Himself in a little smaller barrel, he made it out and smashed the wave.

Good days like these are hard to come by. kind of...
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