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Friday, April 8, 2011

Great Days! never ending..

Today was a good day. It's hard to describe it was so fun. From last nights super fun sesh to today's epic waves, I am feeling like one very blessed kid these days! I was able to shoot with a bunch of friends in the town I love so much.. The water looked amazing as storm cloud after storm cloud passed by. All around us it was raining but the sun seemed to never come off our little town. Even this evening we have been having lightning and thunder along with heavy down pour. I guess that it is freezing cold a little way inland from here and they are getting a light dusting of snow, a very rare thing!
I have seen two of the all time best sunsets the last two evenings. Wonderful! I think it will be the three top in my books this week. Laguna has been getting waves and good ones at that. Awesome weather, and my friends all kill it at surfing.

enjoy some photos from today.

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