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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

few things.

A few days ago I had the privilege of chilling on this beautiful sailboat. Chris Wyman, the same guy that recently took me to Mexico, is the owner of this beauty. I look forward to setting sail on it in the near future.

I don't go to harbors very often.. It just causes me to lust after these boats! Sailing around the world would be the greatest experience ever I think! No roads, no limits, just freedom! Dock anywhere around the world and explore. I hope that someday I can work myself into a position of being able to travel in this manner.

Snow van filled with surf boards??? haha. Good style, it's about time.

On Sunday my good buddy Brandon Phillips came and picked up the Soul Surfing crew here in Laguna. We all loaded into Sol Tech's 32 van and booked it down to San Clemente to surf State Park. We found a very uncrowded line up and super fun peaky waves. After a few hours of sick lefts and rights along with many many mistakes that lead to shore poundings, we were all super stoked on a perfect day of surfing!

Last night some MN kids rolled into town. Sam Fenton, Cody Beiersdorf, Jonas Michilot, and Danimals all cruised over to watch a pretty epic sunset here in Laguna. After getting their feet wet the temptation of getting into the surf couldn't stop the lack of trucks and wet suits. We all stripped down to boxers and body surfed well past dark. I'm sure all the tourists at Surf and Sand were amped to look out there window and see a bunch of MN kids in their underwear!
This was Sam's first time getting into the Pacific Ocean, he had a smile larger than life! Cold water could not stop all of us from having an awesome body whomping time.

Cody^ Representing Gnarly Tree in its home town of Laguna Beach. Gnarly's MN team was sporting more goods than I've seen here from the locals, gotta give them props!

Sam's first West Coast sunset. I'm sure you'll see this on FB real soon!
Come back and surf with me Sam! You're more than welcome anytime.

We finished out the night with some Ping Pong games in the backyard. Danimals held down the table for a solid 2 hours. We all watched him and Sam play variations of the funniest ping pong games I've ever seen. At one point there were at least 7 balls in play, but for the most part it was 2 balls. Most mesmerizing thing ever.

I'm glad I was able to see you guys! They had a pretty rough trip getting here... So many crazy things happened. Car accidents, brake downs, Cody's broken rib.. I'm hoping that things turn around for them as they head up to Lake Tahoe today. Good luck guys and have a safe trip! Stoked you made it here, thanks for visiting and come back soon!

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