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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finding Swell.

Today in a nut shell.

Porter getting his gear ready for the bit of a hike, and the waves beneath.

The scene.

Adam Mejia, glancing out a few last times.


Prettiest places ever.. I'm so spoiled(blessed...) to be here. Adz is feeling that in this wave.

Porter. Warming up for a little sesh.

Handrails to beaches.

Rolling through.



The close-up and the distant. Tricks on lock.

I was trying my best to find some angles today. Very different views from one break.

Porter^ Adz>

Back on the beach.

.... Watching this.

from the sounds and looks of it Porter had a blast today. It was fun checking out the new spot.. super amped. I wanted to show a little more of today than I usually do, it was a good day.

..and this will be coming soon. A new blog from Porter, Sean, and myself. Some quick ideas running through till it starts.


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