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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Porter Goes Surfing.

Porter often surfs at this spot out in front of his place. You could say its an everyday thing.

Some people however don't have the privilege of seeing waves and surfers everyday... so we send porter out to deal with those people.
This lady was ecstatic at the chance to capture a photo of a real surfer! She was like, WOW!! Surfer!!!! Let me shoot photos of you! and oh.. can I get in that photo also!!

She abruptly grabbed porters surfboard, held it at her side like she knew what to do with it, and smiled like she was in heaven! Her daughter didn't miss a thing, and now hopefully Porter is in a frame somewhere in Nebraska! haha. Such entertainment! I wish I would have heard the conversation.. but I was off in the bushes sniping these shots... maybe next time, I'm sure it'll happen again soon.

I think Porter made this lady's whole vacation in that quick 5 min photo shoot. We'll be keeping an eye out for that FB update.

In other news.. I love waves! and this guy was about to love them also. With brakes like these paradise is around every corner. The beach was stacked today as temps rose to scorching hot! It felt like first day of summer, and the crowds we're stacking on the beach. I'm amped cause lessons are coming in and it's easy to spend 8+ hours in the water on a daily basis now. Summer fun is here, enjoy it!

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