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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bryce's mango is... Donuts.

you gotta love donuts. they are especially good after surfing.

Spicy mango's are also good. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this blog...

Monday, April 25, 2011


Willy Hogan.

The beach was perfect today. Lighter crowds, practically no one. A few more surfers in the water, but a whole lot more waves. I did a surf lesson today with a whole bunch of people from Canada. They pretty much owned for two hours. I've never seen a whole group of people learn to surf so quick. I was using their waterproof camera before the lesson was even over. No jokes. Stoked for them!! The rest of my day was spent on the beach watching these beautiful waves come crashing in.

Enjoy some photos..

Porter Hogan and his little brother Willy had my attention for the first few hours.. I really enjoy watching these two surf. There is always plenty of action for me to stay alert.

Will^ Ports>

All Willy.

Peaky day.

the waves got a little bigger than willy today.. he still handled them quite well.

Air time with Porter.

Thick shore break.

Matt O'brien skimming Laguna.

A few of these rolled through today.. There was probably quite a few more.. but I at least got two of them. I'm not sure who this guy is, but its one of the best waves I've ever seen in Laguna Beach.

Jason Watto has the other best waves. Himself in a little smaller barrel, he made it out and smashed the wave.

Good days like these are hard to come by. kind of...

in the town.

Zach and Porter. pre surf on warm sunny days. Zach snapping off the lip with the flyer in the foreground, doesn't get much more epic.

Porter on his back hand. He really knows how to make the most of really quick beach breaks. I've never really seen Porter surf a long clean wave.. I wonder what it would look like. I know for sure that he has super fast waves figured out, but i think it'd be cool to see him get some big waves for a change. I bet he can destroy.

Yesterday here in Laguna was a pretty good day, awesome weather and good waves. Adam Mejia came out and surfed with the other half of the town. A bit to crowded for me to enjoy getting in the water.. but a good day to shoot some photos on the beach.

Sean Brown is always taking off in the deepest spots at Brooks, A brook st. master for sure. Look for more shots of him coming out this summer...

Chance Gaul was frothing to get some shots.. so i shot him. It looks like he's been working pretty hard at surfing. He's improved a ton since I last saw him surf.

I'm not sure who this is but i think i need to meet him. I've now seen him out front a few times body surfing on all of the best waves. He gets shacked all the time! I'm pretty jealous.

Tatum and Ana passing time on the beach watching the surf.

... few more random shots for the day. On the right is Sli getting a lil baby oak st barrel. These are a lot harder to come by than you might think. They are even harder to get out of.

enjoy the shots.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finding Swell.

Today in a nut shell.

Porter getting his gear ready for the bit of a hike, and the waves beneath.

The scene.

Adam Mejia, glancing out a few last times.


Prettiest places ever.. I'm so spoiled(blessed...) to be here. Adz is feeling that in this wave.

Porter. Warming up for a little sesh.

Handrails to beaches.

Rolling through.



The close-up and the distant. Tricks on lock.

I was trying my best to find some angles today. Very different views from one break.

Porter^ Adz>

Back on the beach.

.... Watching this.

from the sounds and looks of it Porter had a blast today. It was fun checking out the new spot.. super amped. I wanted to show a little more of today than I usually do, it was a good day.

..and this will be coming soon. A new blog from Porter, Sean, and myself. Some quick ideas running through till it starts.